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Clear your Farm

2 Hectares per hour

The Buschroller 

Ombengu Energy CC is a company whose goal is to provide cost effective and environmentally friendly bush clearing. Debushing is needed in Namibia to increase grazing for cattle and game in areas which have lost productivity due to bush encroachment. The rolled bush can either be burned or used for charcoal and firewood.

The bush clearing is conducted by a special machine. It is a 140 KW Liebherr wheel Loader 556 weighing 18ton. Attached to the front of the wheel Loader  is a 6 ton roller. A trained operator drives the machinery over scrub, bush, and small trees (except indigenous and protected plants). By using a wheeled vehicle less damage is done to the standing grass than a catapillar tracked vehicle will do. Ombengu Energy has discovered the most cost effective way to clear bush areas using the bush roller technology. This exceptionally technology is also more environmentally friendly than using chemical methods. 

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